Namaste and Welcome

Dear Friends and Visitors,

We are happy to announce the reopening of Gorkha Gaun Resort after more than 6 months of the earthquake that struck Nepal with its epicenter in Gorkha. In the past months we have worked to rebuild our resort and ensure that our cottages and infrastructures are able to withstand future disasters like these with the retrofitting techniques we adopted. We are proud of our resilience and promise to continue our hospitality with the same spirit and service we have been known for …….to provide an authentic Nepali village experience true to our name away from the hustle and bustle of city life !

Ideally located in the lush green hills of Gorkha, facing Mt. Manasulu in the north, Gorkha Gaun (GG) Resort is around three and a half hour drive from the capital, Kathmandu. It is about 30 minutes drive from Aanbu Khaireni.  Aanbu Khaireni is a small town on the highway to Pokhara.

Situated in Gorkha district, the place where history of Nepal’s unification starts, it provides a unique opportunity to visit the famous and historical Gorkha Palace and Gorkha Museum.

For those who love the challenges of the outdoors, a trek to rural areas under the shades of Mt. Manaslu or the Manakamana Temple, perched on a hill top can be an unforgettable experience. Manaslu meaning “Mountain of the Spirit” at 8,156 meters (26,759 ft) above sea level is the eighth highest mountain in the world. Manakamana, one of the highly worshiped and oldest temples of Nepal, venerated since the 17th century houses a goddess believed to grant the wishes of all those who make a pilgrimage to her shrine.

We will strive for responsible tourism with efforts to be environment friendly, respecting the innate village surroundings. Our vision is to create a place to relax in harmony with nature, utilizing natural resources.

Gorkha Gaun is a new destination for all those who seek to experience the simple bliss of relaxing in the natural village setting of Nepal.

Discover Gorkha and Experience Nepal with the team at Gorkha Gaun.